Marilyn White Statement Bridal Nude Earrings Clay Wearable Art

$36.00 $60.00

“Marilyn” was as custom design for a friend but she needs to be shared with the world. These are not made from an imprint they are hand crafted. I rolled out lots of tiny balls, leaves and pressed out some cut florals for this look. This is one of my new favorite pieces and I love all of them.

Please note that the earrings pictured are an example of the earrings you will receive. Each pair is made by hand so the placement may vary slightly on each pair but they are all apart of the same family & will be given the same amount of love as one you see here today! Please be mindful of the handmade nature of any Clay collection, they will have slight variation than the image you see (Clay bubbles may occur, Maker Marks are an honor so wear them proudly, I may miss a finger print( It’s just a little piece of me signing my art) etc... Just know that I will not send you the defects, they never make it to the oven! :) *Marble and gradient items may vary*

Store in a clean, dry place. Use of oils, creams, perfumes etc may affect longevity. Do not wear in the shower or on deep sea missions.

So Please Be Kind to your handmade treasures, don't drop them or bend them. Threat them like you want them to adorn your ears forever!

To clean polymer clay pieces, rub gently with a soft, wet piece of cloth.
If you own a white or light colored pair of earrings and you get makeup stains on them,
nail polish remover will clean it off.

Packaging we be cute enough to gift upon arrival. I mean who doesn't like pretty packages?! (Not one person I know.)

If you have any special requests don't hesitate to ask! Most of my Items are made to order unless it's listed as a one of a kind or limited edition item.