Monstera Adansonii 3D Basket Planter Leaf Statement Earrings Hand Cut plant lady Gold

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Monstera Adansonii Statement Earrings

You will receive earrings similarly to the earrings first picture!

These earrings turned out kind of awesome! I made these little tiny baskets to have the appearance of a woven basket with a cute Monstera growing from the soil. I hand cut the leaves so , no two will ever be alike! Hand cutting each hole and making this tiny basket gives a new meaning to extremely slow fashion. 😂 one set takes hours to make a lot of baking!

Although these earrings look like they may weigh a lot they are very light. The baskets are filled with foil and there’s a layer of clay on the surface to hold the beautiful Monstera’s in place.

If you would like a different color variation just ask when you make a purchase in the comments and I will see if I have the colors available.

I tried hard to keep things unique for you all. Simply because you are all unique and you deserve to have your own original pieces of ear candy art. 🥰

These one of a kind cuties are from the jungle boogie collection!

I have a few jungle slabs and canes in the works so stay tuned they will be one of a kind!

Thank you so much for supporting my creative dreams!

Please note that the earrings pictured are an example of the earrings you will receive. Each pair is made by hand so the placement my vary slightly on each pair but they are all apart of the same family & will be given the same amount of love as one you see here today! Please be mindful of the handmade nature of any Clay collection, they will have slight variation than the image you see (Clay bubbles, small handler’s dents etc... Just know that I will not send you the defects, they never make it to the oven! :) *Marble and gradient items may vary*

Store in a clean, dry place. Use of oils, creams, perfumes etc may affect longevity. Do not wear in the shower or on deep sea missions. It's a strong possibility breakage may occur if dropped or bent. ( I'm not brave enough to try, but I have dropped several earring and non-have bit the dust yet! LOL

So Please Be Kind to your handmade treasures, don't drop them or bend them. Threat them like you want them to adorn your ears forever!

To clean polymer clay pieces, rub gently with a soft, wet piece of cloth.
If you own a white or light colored pair of earrings and you get makeup stains on them,
nail polish remover will clean it off.

Packaging we be cute enough to gift upon arrival. I mean who doesn't like pretty packages?! (Not one person I know.)

If you have any special requests don't hesitate to ask! Most of my Items are made to order unless it's listed as a one of a kind or limited edition item.